You may have noticed that there has been some work going on at the Rose Free Library recently. The handicap ramp has been rebuilt to improve the facing and extend the roof over all of the ramp, which should help in the winter time especially. The front has been rebuilt to make it easier and more attractive, improving access from the parking lot. This is a cooperative arrangement between the library board and the town. It is recently completed, and if you haven’t seen it, I think you will like it.
Congratulations are in order to the Rose Union Community Building folks for holding a successful summerlong concert series again this year. We were able to enjoy a wide variety of music styles and skilled performers that delighted all. As the frosting on the cake, there will be two special concerts this fall: one on Oct. 12 and the other on Nov. 2, both Thursdays at 7 p.m. Admission is free, so please join me there.
The new water treatment plant on Catchpole Road is making progress. The huge array of three treatment vessels has been lifted into position by a 100-ton crane, and the roof trusses are in place. By the time you read this, the roof should be complete. The new variable speed well pump has also been installed. There still is some mechanical and electrical work inside the new building to finish to make the final hookups, so it is not quite complete. These are significant milestones, and we are nearing completion. We look forward to bringing this plant on line this fall.
As we are now past the equinox, the “dark season” approaches. If you find any streetlights out, please email me the pole number or the nearest house number at, and I will notify Rochester Gas & Electric to get it fixed.
There has been a noticeable increase in the number of Confederate battle flags being displayed in Rose lately. It is not clear what message the homeowners are trying to send, but I hope everyone understands that this is the flag of an enemy of the U.S., not a patriot. My great, great grandfather wore a blue uniform and fought against those who carried this flag, so I believe it has no place in modern America.
If people really feel the need to protest their independence from the government, then I would ask that the Confederate battle flag be replaced with a more appropriate flag, which would be the Gadsden Flag — “Don’t tread on me.” This was from the American Revolution, and it is something around which we can all rally.