“I like the noise of democracy.” — James Buchanan.
Certainly, there was no lack of noise in recent editorials regarding the nomination of David Fulvio for Wayne County district attorney. In an ironic slap to the democratic process, carping voices ensued from a 2-to-1 vote of support received by David Fulvio from the representatives of Wayne County townships. These same representatives, for historical reference, have supported Sheriff Barry Virts, past DA Rick Healy and U.S. Rep. John Katko, R-24th District.
As a result of this principled selection process, David Fulvio has emerged as the most capable candidate for Wayne County DA.
David Fulvio believes that Wayne County residents have not received the protections they deserve. In Wayne County, compared to surrounding counties, felony arrests are much more likely to result in a misdemeanor plea bargain. These plea bargains devalue Wayne County lives. Examine the fact that there have been only eight felony jury trials in Wayne County over the past three years. Michael Calarco will not increase felony convictions. Most of his experience has been in local justice court, where you see very few jury trials, if any. One has to go back over 20 years to find a felony case presided over by Calarco.
A democracy depends upon an informed electorate. For the betterment of Wayne County, read about the candidates running for Wayne County DA. You will discover why the right candidate for Wayne County is David Fulvio.
Bruce Babcock
Chairman, Macedon Republic Committee