According to the US Energy Information Administration, it does not matter how you heat your home, you will most likely see an increase this winter. Experts are predicting a rise from eight to 15 percent in your total cost for the upcoming season.

ROCHESTER—We’re heading into winter heating season and no matter how you heat your home, you’re likely going to pay more to stay warm this year than you did last.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, those who heat with electric will see an increase of about 8 percent compared to last winter. Those who heat with natural gas will see a 12 percent hike. If you use home heating oil, you could see up to a 17 percent increase and propane users will see a hike of 18 percent. According to estimates from RG&E, the average residential customer who heats with natural gas will pay about $50 more this winter.

Both RG&E and National Grid are or will be notifying customers of increased supply costs, particularly natural gas. Folks who spoke with our news partner, News10NBC say they’re not really surprised. "The price rates, I expect them to go up every year as with anything but I don’t expect them to go up by nearly 15 percent,” says Therese Hurley of Rochester.

Dexter Redic, also of Rochester says he’ll be keeping a close eye on the thermostat. “I set the heat where it's supposed to be at and then it gets cold and somebody else turns it up and then I have to run and turn it back down... it's how I normally do it.”

If you think you’ll have a hard time keeping up with your winter bills, you should contact your utility early. It’s easier for the utility to get you on a payment plan before you fall behind. It doesn’t offer a discount but it does spread your winter payments out throughout the rest of the year.

HEAP will also be available to qualifying families in the coming weeks. For more information you can click here.