Henderson Ford, 810 Ridge Road, Webster, is supporting first responders in the community. The dealership and Ford Motor Co. are showing appreciation for the contributions of local police, emergency medical services, firefighters, 911 dispatchers and their household members, by offering extra bonus cash, on top of any special offered at the time a purchase is made for a new vehicle.
First responders and their household members that visit the dealership will receive a rebate of $500 — model dependent; most models included — toward the purchase of a new vehicle. This cash bonus offer is stackable, meaning it can be used with additional promotions. Anyone living within the household of the first responders can utilize the cash bonus as well.
The cash bonus offer will include: police, sheriffs, sheriff deputies, correctional officers, state troopers, federal law enforcement officers, career and volunteer firefighters, emergency medical technicians and paramedics.
“These safety and life and property sustaining professionals and supportive household members are so crucial to the health and well-being of our entire community,” said Henderson Ford Operations Manager Aki Henderson. “In addition to the challenges faced by the first responders, their household members serve our community too, as they take on more roles while their respective first responder is away from home, helping others. We wanted to give back and thank the first responders and their household members for the sacrifices and service they make and provide everyday within our community.”
First responders can take advantage of this bonus cash through Jan. 2, 2018.