Rochester Times/Union — “The success of Despatch, as a suburban business and residential town, appears to be assured. Businessman are behind it, and hundreds of people are taking interest in the town or contemplating doing so. Despatch, being only 6 to 7 miles east of the center of Rochester, will afford its citizens virtually all the city privileges without having to pay city taxes. Lots are offered for sale at a nominal price with very long-term payment plans. The construction and repair shops of the Merchant’s Despatch Transportation Co. will afford work for many laboring men and other industries will naturally spring up there. With the new $15,000 hotel, which will be built in a short time, together with the stores and other dwellings which will be erected, Despatch will soon present an appearance of which it’s promoters may well feel proud.”
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle — “Despatch is Rochester’s latest commercial suburb. Operations at the new town have commenced in earnest and work is progressing as fast as weather and circumstances permit. Now that the work of creating Despatch out of pastures and green fields has begun, the people of Rochester who knew nothing of the project except indirectly, are beginning to awake to a sense of its vast importance to the city.”
Rochester Herald — “A new city has sprung into existence. Its name is Despatch and gives promise of being a major metropolitan area in a very short time. The new industrial town’s most important feature is the building of the Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. shops.”
A quote from an out-of-town visitor. Mr. Strong of Muskegon, Michigan, a well-known Western landholder, visited dispatch the other day. He fell in love with the place, and this is what he said: “I have traveled a great deal and have become interested in several real estate enterprises, but I have yet to see anything that compares with Despatch. It is the finest section in western New York for location of the new town and I am certain that Despatch will prove a winner. There should be no difficulty in selling every lot in the town. A lot bought now will be worth twice the money in a year. Workingmen ought to take advantage of the opportunities offered them to secure a home and invest some of their savings. You can put me down as saying that I wish we had some of this dispatch enterprise back in Michigan.”