This year marks the fourth annual Henderson Ford and Webster Marching Band Boosters Inc. car giveaway.
Webster Central High School seniors from Webster Schroeder and Webster Thomas are eligible to enter. These students have the opportunity to win a brand new Henderson Ford Focus, a $500 cash prize or a $250 cash prize.
“The car giveaway starts at the beginning of the Webster Schroeder and Webster Thomas school year during their pep rally assemblies,” said Henderson Ford President Randy Henderson. “We enjoy participating in the assemblies with the students who proudly wear their school colors, showing a lot of enthusiasm. Every year, someone drives away with a new car in June. The surprised Henderson Ford Focus winner is someone who is sitting among their peers in the assembly crowd — last year it was Nicole Hube from Webster Thomas. You have to be in it to win it, so submit your entries, seniors.”
The annual giveaway campaign rewards student behavior — focusing on their educational efforts.
Webster Thomas and Webster Schroeder seniors have nice ways to win: one entry per quarter for zero unexcused absences and five or fewer tardies; one entry per quarter for passing grades; one entry per school year for club/sport participation; teacher recommendation; and parent recommendation.
To enter the giveaway, visit, the school’s main office or Henderson Ford, 810 Ridge Road, Webster.