The Churchville-Chili Chapter of National Honor Society recently welcomed 104 new members during a ceremony at the Churchville-Chili Performing Arts Center.
The presentation included messages from newly elected club officers and the 2017 Churchville-Chili Teacher of the Year, Loren Inglese.
NHS officers were selected in September. Senior officers are Jon Sanfratello, president; Quinn Metcalfe, vice president; Jenna Prewasnicak, treasurer; and Maria Esposito, secretary. Each shared a brief message with the audience on one of the four criteria for membership in NHS: leadership, character, service and scholarship.
Inglese was nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award in spring 2017 by current NHS members and selected by officers. The honor goes to a teacher who makes a real difference in the lives of students. Inglese teaches U.S. history and government, Advanced Placement world history and Holocaust and genocide at Churchville-Chili Senior High School.
During the ceremony, current members escorted new members across the stage while biographies from their applications were read by club officers. Superintendent Lori Orologio, Principal Scott Wilson, adviser Paul Glor and Inglese addressed the audience, and then greeted and congratulated each student personally. New members received a certificate and signed their name in the club registry.
“I’m excited about working with this great group of kids for the next two years,” Glor said. “We are already deep into planning for a number of upcoming community service events.
The inductees for 2017 are Marissa Audycki, Ashley Baer, Logan Bauer, Victoria Beach, Abigail Bell, Christopher Bunk, Emma Burke, Kristin Butts, Anthony Calamita, Taylor Calisto, Trevor Calus, Asha Charles, Adrianna Ciroula, Kristarra Clingerman, Wesley Colucci, Gregory Czolgosz, Jeremiah Daley, Vanessa Dawley, Bridget DeHond, Erika Dick, Molly Doles, Emmalene Draper, Juliana D’Orazio, Colby Egan, Delaney Emerson, Alexandria Erickson, Cole Favro, Priscilla Ford, Kiara Gilbert, Lilly Gleason, Jacey Gruschow, Jenna Guarino, Jenna Guyette, Adriana Haitz, Aidan Healy, Nolan Hopkins, Grace Huether, Jackson Hughes, Grace Hunt, Anthony Ibezim, Marcellus James, Jessica Jong, Oliver Kelley, Brandan King, Kyle Kline, Lily Kongmany, Andrew Korts, Peter Kostarellis, Matthew Kotsch, Christina Kurdt, Jenifer Lalnunkimi, Madelyn Lessar, Adam Lockwood, Stephanie Longfellow, Kyle Louison, Mya Mahon, Alexander Mathewson, David Meisenzahl, Andrew Melia, Gianna Melino, Rachel Miller, Jennifer O’Brien, Isabella Orologio, Madyson Osborne, Brynne Parkman, Genna Pellerino, David Perkins, Grant Perkins, Isaac Perkins, Dylan Pfendler, Abigail Phillips, Katherine Pittman, Abigail Post, Abigail Preston, Alexis Raniewicz, Alyssa Raniewicz, Peyton Reusch, Dylan Rippe, Vladimir Rosien, Molly Rowe, Amaury Samalot-Monroig, Braeden Schmidt, Aidan Seaburg, Alex Seaman, Taylor Shakeshaft, Kennedy Skuse, Kylie Smith, Marina Smith, Charlotte Spaulding, Connor Starr, Natalie Stevenson, Anna Tenebruso, Joseph Territo, Benjamin Thomas, Lydia Todd, Katelyn Tran, Logan Waldorfer, Hanna Walker, Madison Warax, Serafina Wezelis, Anna Wiater, Ethan Wilson, Mariama Woods and Jennifer Zambuto.