Genesee Valley Recreation and Park Society awarded its 2017 Exceptional Park Design Award to the town of Greece for its Kids Canyon Playground.
This award is given annually to projects that demonstrate excellence in design of park amenities such as playgrounds, sports fields, trails and linear parks.
Kids Canyon Playground, which officially opened in July 2017, is a 11,000 square foot, nature-themed playground that features precast cement sculptures, rocks and log climbers.
The playground utilizes linked play, which allows children to move across from feature to feature, encouraging more active, physical games than other types of standard playground equipment. Everything on the playground can be climbed on, which lends itself to “taking chances and building confidence.”
The latest technology was used when designing this playground to ensure the safest, most accessible surface while maximizing the level of fun. The playground features Hydro Chill, a synthetic turf cooling system that can reduce surface temperatures by 50 degrees. As the turf surface is heated by solar radiation, moisture stored in the turf is released, leaving a cooler, more comfortable surface. This allows for increased playing time and greater comfort and safety for playground users.
Kids Canyon Playground is the first playground in the region to use Biba, an interactive technology of augmented reality, imagination-driven playground games for parents to play with their children. The free Biba app — available on iTunes and Google Play — offers games such as treasure hunts and obstacle courses to keep kids engaged and active.
Custom designed for Kids Canyon Playground, Biba follows a strict 90/10 rule, which ensures that kids are physically active for at least 90 percent of the game with only 10 percent of their attention being spent on the screen. Markers are installed on the playground that are considered play stations where Biba users can unlock new content, activate mini-games and reveal new treasures as well as enjoy obstacle courses.
“In July 2017, we unveiled a one-of-a-kind playground to the community with the goal of creating a destination playground experience that would encourage families to come outside and play,” said Bill Reilich, town supervisor. “I am thrilled to receive on behalf of the town of Greece and all of our wonderful residents the 2017 Exceptional Park Design Award for the Kids Canyon Playground.”