The East Irondequoit Middle School was re-validated as a National Demonstration School by the Advancement Via Individual Determination Organization.
By meeting the standards established by AVID, EIMS remains the only Demonstration School in New York State at the middle level.
To be recognized as a Demonstration School, EIMS must show high levels of implementation, with quality and fidelity to AVID strategies schoolwide. They not only employ the AVID strategies effectively, but go above and beyond to make sure they are working. Demonstration Schools also open their doors to visitors from other schools considering becoming part of the AVID organization.
Once they are originally tabbed as a Demonstration School, they must be re-validated every few years. EIMS first received this recognition in the spring of 2014.
AVID is a program designed to prepare students for college by teaching them organizational and study skills, encouraging them to take rigorous classes and through tutoring by peers and area college students. Many of the students in the AVID program are those who might not have been serious about pursuing a college education and would be the first from their families to go on to higher education.
AVID is also in place at Eastridge High School and students who have gone through the program have a college acceptance rate of more than 90 percent.