I have resided in the village of Webster for the past 26 1/2 years. Recently, I participated in a number of Village Board meetings open to the public- and learned that the Webster Citizens Action League has initiated an effort to send welcome kits to new resident in the village of Webster.
Excerpt from Webster Citizen Action League
The Webster Citizens Action League is a group founded to promote open, honest and transparent government. We support a vibrant, strong Webster town and village. WCAL has four divisions: sites.google.com/site/webstercitizenactionleague/advocacy, Advocacy; sites.google.com/site/webstercitizenactionleague/news, News; sites.google.com/site/webstercitizenactionleague/public-access, Public Access; and sites.google.com/site/webstercitizenactionleague/media, Media. WCAL is a community advocacy organization with its own elected Board of Directors, and periodically holds open, public meetings and events.
Why has the Village Board decided to endorse this effort to allow a political advocacy organization to distribute materials?
What control does the Village Board have over the messaging and contents of the elements of the Welcome Kit?
Does the Town of Webster have a similar program?
Why don’t the village and town elected officials consider outsourcing this effort to organizations such as the Webster Chamber of Commerce and the Webster Business Improvement District?
Why don’t neutral entities in the community take charge of this important effort and even consider an RFP to organizations such as welcomewagon.com or welcomematservices.com?
Recently, during a Nov. 9 Village Board meeting, as reported by the Webster Herald, the Webster Citizens Action League requested permission to distribute its assessment of the Sewage Treatment Plant operated by the village. Webster Citizens Action League requested that this material be available to residents at the Village Hall.
I applaud Mayor Darrell Byerts and trustee Jerry Ippolito for stating that no material generated by the Webster Citizen Action League on the subject of the Sewage Treatment Plant should be distributed through village offices.
The next step in this process should be the unbundling of all efforts by the Webster Citizen Action League to generate material that should be tightly controlled and managed by village and town of Webster governments — not advocacy groups.
William Stata