Mendon resident and first-time book author Gwenn Voelckers is holding a book signing from 3 to 5 p.m. on Jan. 27 at Pittsford Farms Dairy, 44 M. Main St.
Voelckers recently released “Alone and Content: Inspiring, Empowering Essays to Help Divorced and Widowed Women Feel Whole and Complete on Their Own.”
“The book is a collection of thought-provoking and practical essays for those who live alone after losing a spouse or partner through divorce, death, or other life circumstance,” said Voelckers. “Many often wonder, ‘Will I ever be happy again?’”
“As a divorced woman, I know how painful it can be to find yourself living alone, especially after a long relationship has ended,” said Voelckers. “I also know it’s possible to reclaim your life, to determine who you really are, and to turn living alone into an adventure of self-discovery and personal growth at any age.”
The book opens with a “How Content are You?” quiz, followed by a simple scorecard designed to help readers assess their level of happiness and satisfaction with life. While not scientific, this quiz and scorecard can provide a helpful baseline for moving forward on the road to contentment.
After the quiz is taken, readers can then pick and choose from over 25 essays organized into six chapters: “Coming into Your Own,” “Overcoming Challenges,” “Designing a Home Sweet Home,” “Surviving the Holidays and Special Occasions,” “Exploring Relationships and Romance” and “Spreading Your Wings.”
Each essay is followed by two questions, under the heading, “What You Can Do Today.” These questions are designed to inspire action and motivate readers to take healthy steps toward creating a life of fulfillment and joy on their own.
While the book is intended for women, men can also benefit from Voelckers’ experience and advice.