Catholic Family Center recently launched “See Their Stories” to bring clarity surrounding the mistrust and misunderstanding of the refugee resettlement story.
The series of 15- and 30-second public service announcement videos capture the personal vignettes of refugees who have resettled in the U.S.
CFC made these available as free PSAs, suitable for resettlement service providers and individuals who help refugees achieve independence to use and promote freely in their local outreach and educational efforts. CFC plans to partner with the Vatican as well as national and state resettlement service agencies in the further distribution of the “See Their Story” PSAs.
“The goal of the ‘See Their Story’ campaign is to share real human stories of welcoming and integration of refugees into our communities and their contributions to society,” said Marlene Bassette, CFC president and CEO. “Our feeling is that these stories make real the troubling, inspiring and at-times beautiful history of what and who a refugee is.”
Millions of refugees suffer violence and oppression from their own governments, and are further victimized on their journey of seeking asylum. Refugee resettlement is not a choice; it’s a matter of life or death for so many fleeing war, persecution, abuse, neglect, gang violence and trafficking, sometimes without parents and family.
“Refugees are among the most vulnerable in our community,” Bassette said. “Now more than ever, may our combined resources and dedication serve to bring clarity to this very important issue in our country and in our world, and help those we serve find peace, safety and friendship.”
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