Greece Central School District is one of two in the state to receive a Smart Transfer Early College High School Program grant from the New York State Education Department.
GCSD recently received a $1.34 million grant to collaborate with Monroe Community College and The College at Brockport over the next four years. Select high school students will complete 60 transferable college credits or an associate degree by the time they graduate. The grant covers all program costs for students.
Students who successfully complete the program can transfer to The College at Brockport as juniors, where they will continue to receive academic and social support to complete a bachelor’s degree within two years of matriculating at Brockport.
The district selected 40 current Olympia ninth-graders to attend Early College High School in 2017-18. Students who are part of the AVID Program or are taking academically accelerated classes can apply. Priority is given to students who are traditionally underrepresented in postsecondary education. Other incoming ninth-graders will be added to the program in future years.
Most of the classes will be taught on the Olympia campus by Olympia teachers involved in the dual enrollment program. Some classes at the upper levels may be taught at MCC and Brockport campuses. In these instances, transportation will be provided.
Students and families interested in Early College High School should contact their high school counselor for more information and to see if they are eligible.