Ray Antocicco, in his article ”The Greatest Civil Rights Struggle of America, Today,” blames the public school system for being unable to educate poverty stricken students. Sorry Ray, but blaming public school teachers and administrators for a systemic problem with poverty is just too simplistic.
Profit motivated corporations have long been aching to grab a larger part of the enormous education budget and the latest Republican tax legislation that incentivizes citizens to hire charter schools for their children’s education is another step in that direction. Anyone who has worked for a corporation probably understands that the goal of a corporation is not to produce the highest quality product but rather to maximize the balance between the least quality that a customer will accept and the expense that it takes to deliver it. Remember, that under a corporate education system, the student is the product. Do we want the quality of education subjected to this greedy equation? Does anyone really believe, as the author seems to suggest, that the quality of education will be placed first in the profit equation? Remember that the profit motive doesn’t guarantee high quality; it relegates it to only a part of the profit equation.
Don Smith