Trombonist Tom “Bones” Malone recently spoke to the 9/10 band and 11/12 band classes at Gates Chili High School.
He rehearsed with the Jazz Band and Jazz Ensemble in preparation for the annual Java Jazz Night.
Malone is best known for his work with The Blues Brothers, David Letterman and “Saturday Night Live.” He played on more than 4,400 TV shows and 3,000 commercials, created over 1,250 recordings and gave thousands of live performances throughout the world.
“Tom has a wide range of experiences performing, writing and arranging with some of the most well-known artists in show business,” teacher Christopher Oldfield said. “He talks about his experiences growing up and the how the decisions he made directly impacted his life. It is invaluable for the students to hear.”
Malone shared with students that he practiced four hours a day when he was in high school, and that he believes it is important to be kind to everyone. After 57 years of performing, he still exercises every day to keep his lungs and body in shape for performances.