The Upper Elementary students at Trinity Montessori School is in business mode every Thursday.
They are arranging the delivery, getting the check ready, and keeping track of the money. While these students in grades four through six look forward to sharing a lunch, two local organizations also look forward to receiving the benefits of their appetites.
Upper Elementary has already raised $600 for charities this school year by selling pizza and wings one day a week. Pizza Day is a student-led production. They research pizza prices and value, (Pontillo’s provides the pizza this year), they take turns handling the food orders, the pizza delivery to school and presenting the check to the driver. They also decide through a class discussion and vote, which organizations will share the money they raise from their pizza sale.
In 2017, students raised $850 and chose Gigi’s Playhouse, the Down Syndrome Achievement Center, which opened in Rochester, to receive half of their donation. Two Trinity students were born with Down syndrome.
The other organization that benefited from the students work and lunch was the World Wildlife Fund. Trinity’s 260 students, ages 2-12, spend much time learning how to help the environment and nearly every classroom has some kind of critter to care for each day. There are bunnies, guinea pigs, snails, turtles and fish.
Trinity’s Upper Elementary will begin meeting soon to determine which charitable organizations will get a share of this year’s pie — pizza pie.
This year marks the 50th anniversary of Trinity Montessori School. For more information email