There have been a growing number of school shootings like in Parkland, Florida, with 17 casualties. We as children need to learn to survive in a world of violence. The children of this new world need to learn survival skills like self-defense and how to react in life-threatening situations.
Teaching self defense could save lives. The world has been getting more dangerous and as “much as we might like to think that that’ll never happen here, it’s that kind of attitude that gets people hurt” (Billings Gazette). There have been more attacks in schools and out in the world. When attacked, people have no idea how to react, and they panic. They need to be taught how to defend themselves in these situations. If trained to defend themselves, people could leave their houses feeling safer. There should be self defense classes offered in our schools, so people learn the skills to protect themselves.
Even if people know the skills, it is knowing how to apply them that saves lives. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, people are supposed to react to an active shooter by first running if possible, then hiding and, as a last resort, fighting. In school active shooter drills, children are only taught to hide. If a shooter comes into a room where people are hiding, the children have no idea how to react. School children need to be trained how to react in these dangerous situations instead of just being informed.
Children are the way of the future, and we need to be taught to endure this dangerous reality. Like the saying goes, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. School is supposed to prepare children for the real world. It needs to provide us with the knowledge on how to survive in this harsh reality.