Investigators are warning the public of a scam involving personal medical information.

According to the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office, perpetrators will contact local residents by telephone and attempt to get medical history and records.

A press release reads in part: “The information received is then used to fill out prescriptions which are sent to medical offices for refill. Once signed, these prescriptions are being used to bill insurance companies.”

The lead investigator on this case was tipped off when a local hospital contacted a road deputy, noticing multiple prescriptions filed under one patient’s name. As he looked into it, he discovered multiple victims from the same doctor’s office.

Investigator Andrew Hale said the suspects aren’t so much looking to get the product itself, but are more interested in billing the insurance company.

It isn’t clear where the crime originated from or if it is the result of a data breach, so investigators are warning people of the phone calls no matter where they live. Hale said that the FBI is also aware of it, believing it could be a multi-state crime.