Victor schools food services director and others are partnering with a local community food enterprise to bring more fresh farm foods into schools

VICTOR — School food service directors in the Finger Lakes Region have partnered with Headwater Foods Inc., a local foods aggregator, to bring more local farm foods into area schools.

Starting this Friday, area schools will participate in Farmer Fridays, featuring local farm products from several regional farms.

Alix, TePoel, Victor Central Schools director of food services, said most school food service directors involved already have relationships with local growers and participate in Farm to School but the new program will strengthen the bond.

“We see this promotion and partnership as a means to expand our local food purchases,” she said. “Our belief is that local food — food less traveled — is better quality, has a higher nutrition content impacting the health of our student/customers and supports local agriculture thus shoring up local economies.”

For more information, please contact the Office of School and Community Relations at 924-3252, ext. 1407.