The Senate recently adopted a fiscally responsible budget that doesn’t raise taxes on a single New Yorker.
The governor’s budget chose to add to the tax burden of working families while ours did what the typical family has to do-make hard choices and live within our means. I’m proud that our budget includes our school safety initiatives and eliminates the governor’s cuts to mental health treatment beds in Rochester and across the state.
At the same time, our budget makes smart investments by funding a strong full-day kindergarten initiative for schools like Pittsford, providing approximately $1 billion to support public schools and doubling our support for the Monroe County child care program.
Finally, as chairman of tourism in the Senate, I’m happy to report that our budget makes a record investment in local matching grants as well as upstate theaters. This funding will further boost our local economy and create jobs. There’s still a long way to go until the budget is finalized around April 1, but the Senate is off to a strong start.