Mr. Errigo complains that the DREAM Act allows illegal immigrants to profit from their illegal entrance to the U.S. and to gain the benefits of Americans that have not broken the law. Mr. Errigo conveniently overlooks the fact that these young people were brought here without having any say in the matter.
Yes, their parents were aware what they did was illegal and ought to pay the price for the illegal acts they committed. They should face deportation and/or prosecution. But their children, who were of an age where they could not be responsible for these acts, cannot and should not be punished for it.
Therefore, we need to welcome these new Americans with open arms. They are trying to contribute to this nation. We should let them. Mr. Errigo is wrong, and he is using fear and distortion to promote himself. That is despicable.
Mr. Vance needs to look a little deeper into that of which he speaks.
Mr. Trump criticizes the FBI, and he demeans the entirety of the FBI with his criticism. He has senior officials in his sights, but they are those who he himself appointed. What does this say about him?
As far as Mr. Arpaio is concerned, it doesn’t matter how much service a man has performed if his final acts are in contradiction to his oath to uphold the Constitution. Mr. Arpaio was convicted under the law, therefore, he deserved the censure and penalties he received. His service does not immunize him from obeying the law.
The deficit went up under President Obama, because he inherited the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression from W. The two endless wars and the lack of oversight in the financial markets that allowed unscrupulous actors to bilk the American people is why Obama was faced with restarting the economy in order to keep it functioning. And the deficit due to the new tax bill is not $1.5 billion, but $1.5 trillion.
Yes, keeping your facts straight is important. So is not being blinded by Faux News.
Martin Mulford