The Penfield Recreation Department has begun the process of completing its Five-Year Master Plan update.
The Master Plan is a planning tool used to guide improvements for developing recreation programs, parks, and recreation facilities for the next five years. As part of this process, the department will create a steering committee of 10-12 members who represent a broad cross section of the Penfield community, including community members, community leaders, town officials, and town staff.
“The Recreation Master Plan update is a vital document for the town to determine the next five years of community needs related specifically to recreation,” said Penfield Recreation Director Chris Bilow. “The update process will provide the community an opportunity to express their thoughts on the future of recreation in Penfield.”
The committee will be responsible for reviewing demographic and facility data, examining future trends that will impact recreation, engaging the community in dialogue regarding future direction, formulating options for addressing program and facility needs and presenting recommendations to the Town Board regarding the future direction of the Recreation Department.
In addition to the 2018 Recreation Master Plan Update, the town is also currently undertaking the 2020 Comprehensive Plan. The work of both committees — and the plans they will ultimately present to the Town Board — will directly affect and influence the future land use of the Shadow Pines property.
Therefore, once the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Committee and Recreation Master Plan groups are established and have commenced their work, the Town Board will form a Shadow Pines Land Use committee. This is likely to be late 2018 or early 2019.
Those interested in serving on the Recreation Master Plan Committee should contact Bilow at by April 6.
Penfield Recreation’s Master Plan is updated every five years. This ensures continuity while expanding the vision and scope of parks and recreation in Penfield to coincide with the town’s present and future capabilities and expectations. Development of this plan is a cooperative effort of the Master Plan Committee, Penfield Town Board, recreation department staff and residents of Penfield.
For more information, email or call (585) 340-8655.