For years, Rochester has been at the forefront of digitally and securely sharing essential patient health care data between major health systems and related providers. Now, even more organizations who take part in the well-being of the community are participating.
Rochester RHIO recently announced that more than 500 data sources are now part of its Contribute service, representing hundreds of health care organizations that serve more than 1 million residents each year.
Through RHIO’s Contribute service, organizations achieve bidirectional exchange, meaning they can share data that helps caregivers provide better care for their patients. Contribute is used by hospitals, health care organizations, private practices and other ambulatory care sites to improve health care quality, coordination and efficiency. Clinical access requires patient consent. Data sharing builds a more complete medical record for communities and individuals in RHIO’s 13-county region.
“Contribute allows participating providers to share patient data with the RHIO, building a rich source of data that creates a robust, community patient health record,” said Jill Eisenstein, CEO and president. “Until now, the information captured by these organizations was widely unavailable without significant effort, creating gaps in the ability to provide optimal coordinated care.”
When providers contribute secure electronic data, patients benefit from increased provider communication and reduced workflow inefficiencies. As the number of participants that use Contribute grows, providers gain a more complete picture of a patient’s health, including recent hospitalizations, laboratory tests and imaging, medications administered, etc. The result is a more comprehensive patient health record that enables the highest quality patient care.
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