North Rose-Wolcott High School students are joining an international movement to promote positivity and happiness through the Live Happy campaign.
Initiated by Robyn Roberts-Grant, director of health, physical education and athletics, and in collaboration with teacher Amy Wiktorowicz and the school’s Speak Out Club, students and staff recently spread joy throughout the building. Students wrote nice notes for one another and participated in other generous acts, culminating in a late March celebration commemorating International Day of Happiness.
“It’s really important bringing everyone together and creating unity by spreading happiness,” said junior Shealyn Shattuck, a member of the Speak Out Club. “It sends a great message to have schoolwide activities where we are doing positive things for others.”
Students wore purple and orange, the designated colors adopted by the Live Happy initiative, and covered the cafeteria walls in upbeat Post-it notes and encouraging messages. Area resident and retired educator Sharon Maher joined forces with students and staff to bring the campaign to the high school.
“We want to stop verbal bullying and have children realize there is something good in everyone,” Maher said. “You can’t judge anyone until you’ve walked a mile in their moccasins.”
Maher said the monthlong activities and efforts of positivity at North Rose-Wolcott HS have been “remarkable.” She said while many schools have a single celebration to commemorate March 20 as the International Day of Happiness, North Rose-Wolcott students and staff have gone above and beyond.
“There is so much unity and positivity in this school community,” Maher said. “It’s wonderful to see how everyone has come together for such a powerful reason.”