Deputies say the woman they placed under arrest is the child's mother. According to the felony complaint, 36-year-old Hanane Mouhib decapitated her 7-year-old son Abraham Cardenas with a knife after stabbing him in the back. Abraham was a first-grader at Barclay Elementary School in Brockport.

(This article has been edited to correct the name of the Monroe County sheriff.)


SWEDEN — Three phone calls made just minutes apart came from inside the home of Hanane Mouhib.

The first two were from Hanane Mouhib's husband saying she was suicidal, with a knife — the second a follow-up call pleading with emergency responders to hurry.

They were already on their way to the South Lake Road home in Sweden when a third call came in — this time from Mouhib's mother-in-law, alerting deputies someone was injured inside.

A little boy was already dead before they entered into this home. Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said Hanane Mouhib used a kitchen knife to stab her son, Abraham Cardenas.

"it was an extreme, horrific crime scene, dangerous to the responding deputies when they responded there was a woman with a knife," said Baxter. She has been identified as the 36-year-old Mouhib.

Deputies had to use pepper spray and a taser on her before being able to enter into the home, discovering her 7-year-old son's body in a first-floor room.

"Deputies went on further to make the grim discovery of Abraham ... Abraham suffered a stab wound to his back ... and a severe stab wound to his neck — causing his head to become disengaged from his body," Baxter described.

The boy's 10-year-old brother, his father and his grandmother were in another room at the time.

Mouhib has been charged with second-degree murder. She was arraigned in Sweden Town Court and remanded to the Monroe County Jail without bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, April 11.

The Monroe County District Attorney's Office says Mouhib could spend 25 years to life behind bars if convicted.

Abrhaham was a first grader at Barclay Elementary in Brockport. The school will has a crisis team in place for students and staff when they return to school Monday without their fellow classmate.

Mouhib had spent 12 days hospitalized two weeks before her son's slaying. Baxter said Mouhib called 911 on March 3 complaining about "mental difficulties." Sheriff's deputies helped her to a hospital that night.

Mouhib called 911 again on March 8, Baxter said.. This time, Baxter said, his deputies made a mental health arrest and took her to Rochester General Hospital, where the sheriff says Mouhib stayed for 12 days.

"I don't want to get too deep into it, but she realized she was having some difficulties," Baxter said. "These were self-induced calls, and she realized that she was having a difficult time with her mental state."

The sheriff said Mouhib left RGH on March 26th. Asked about her care, Veronica Chiesi Brown, a spokeswoman for Rochester Regional Health, which operates RGH, said she can't talk about it because of privacy laws.

Mouhib graduated from the College at Brockport with a nursing degree in 2011. She got her nursing license from New York state in 2015. Her license says her practice is in psychiatry and that she is "certified with prescriptive privilege."

Mouhib was a nurse practitioner at Rochester Regional Health from January 2016 to January 2017. Then she was a nurse at the Wayne County Office of Behavioral Health from January 2017 until she was fired in June.

On August 2, 2017, a month after she was fired, Mouhib filed a "Doing Business As" certificate for a business called "Comprehensive Psychiatric Care of New York." The document says the business was located at the Linden Oaks Medical Office Park in Penfield.

Daily Messenger news partner News 10NBC found a counseling office in the suite. The staff said they remembered her name but said she never worked there.

She got a job as a nurse at Best Self Behavioral Health in Buffalo last September but stopped working in February. And on Feb. 16, 2018, a document in the Monroe County Clerk's database shows Mouhib canceled her business name. 

The next month, the sheriff said she started calling 911.

An online search shows Mouhib lived in New Bellmore in Nassau County, Long Island. The Nassau County Police Department says it hasno record of any contact with Ms. Mouhib.

Baxter said there is "absolutely no explanation" for Mouhib's actions Friday.

"The word evil comes to my mind. There's mental hygiene issues. There's just so many things." he said. "This is a mother who took her son's life, we believe. And with that we have no explanation. We'll never be able to reconcile that in our head."

A judge has issued an order of protection prohibiting Mouhib from having contact with her family, including her 10-year-old son. That boy has been reunited with his grandma and father, Baxter said. The family is in secured housing through the sheriff's office.

Mouhib's two sons attended Brockport schools. Brockport district Superintendent Lesli Myers were asked if there were any red flags.

"Not that I'm aware of, but I haven't had direct contact and again we're still, as law enforcement is reviewing information, we're doing the same thing to see what exactly has been going on," Myers said.