People who knew a little boy murdered in a Monroe County town are revealing more information about him.

Friends and loved ones of the murdered Sweden boy are speaking up. The 7-year-old, Abraham Cardenas was found dead on Thursday.

He'd been stabbed and decapitated and his mother, Hanane Mouhib has been charged with murder. She's being held without bail and is accused of a gruesome attack on her son.

In speaking with former teachers and advocates, News10NBC is learning more about the little boy and the memories he leaves behind.

"I was one of Abraham's teachers here at Stepping Stones," said former teacher Bridgette Remillard. "He was just a beautiful child and we want to remember him."

A little boy with a big smile and even bigger personality.

"He had beautiful eyes, loved to draw," said teacher Courtney Puccia. "Half these people here probably didn't have in his classroom but knew him, he was that type of kid."

Brockport School District Superintendent, Dr. Lesli Myers said Abraham as the type of kid who would talk to everyone. "I spoke to several staff who worked with him directly and they described Abraham as very vibrant, and absolutely an engaged learner who was beloved by everyone who came into contact with him," said Myers.

Myers won't release information as to what program, if any, Abraham was in – but multiple people including former teachers and disability advocates tell News10NBC he was enrolled in a special education program with a learning disability.

For now the superintendent is focusing on healing her school community with grief counselors in place ahead of students and staff returning after spring break without their fellow classmate.

"This is a loss for us. Abraham was an amazing individual, an integral part to our community. And we miss him," said Dr. Myers.

Those who knew his mother say they never saw any warning signs that anything was wrong.

One woman who was a former coworker of Hanane Mouhib's spoke to News10 on the condition we not reveal her identity.

“I was stunned. I cried. Because this is not the person that I know. the person I know is an amazing woman, a wonderful nurse. She was happy,” the woman told News 10 NBC.

She described Mouhib as ‘kind-hearted’ and ‘extremely professional’ which she said is hard for anyone to reconcile given the details of how her son died.

“She had a lot on her plate, between work and going to school. She had a mental break. That can happen to anyone, they’re not evil because of that. You can have a mental break because too much stress is going on and you can’t cope anymore,” the former coworker said. .

Hanane Mouhib was in the hospital from March 8-26 for voluntary care. Sheriff Baxter tells News 10 NBC his office responded to her house twice during the month of March for mental hygiene calls.

“If you fall through the cracks of the mental health system and don’t get the help you need, a lot of things can happen. You can become psychotic and anything can happen after that. This is not an evil person. This is a good woman, a good nurse,” said the woman, who says she has experience working in the psychiatric healthcare field.

Abraham also leaves behind a 10-year-old brother who was home at the time of the attack.

Hanane Mouhib's next court date is scheduled for April 11.