Since Louise lived just around the corner from the base of Perinton Ambulance Corps, she would frequently drop by while being an assembly woman in Albany. She would chat with the crews on duty and discuss topics important to her and the Corps, like proposed budget cuts for critical care training.
Her biggest admirer was Al Gerritz, a retired Kodak engineer and an emergency medical technician. Al, who died in 2009, was a staunch Republican, but he made it known, that he always voted for Louise.
In 1985 at Open House, Louise celebrated our 20th anniversary with us as a volunteer ambulance organization on the lawn in front of the base. At the festive Awards Banquet, Louise presented us with a Legislative Resolution by the State of New York, which highlighted our history.
Louise was our neighbor throughout all these years and that was based on mutual admiration and respect.
Barbara M. Kreckel
Volunteer and emergency medical technician at Perinton Ambulance