SunCommon NY recently announced its future as GreenSpark Solar.
With a focus on independence, GreenSpark’s spotlight will continue to be on advancing solar energy in Greater Rochester while expanding its portfolio of renewable energy products.
GreenSpark Solar renews its commitment to combating climate change and creating local, cost-effective, clean energy options.
“We feel a strong connection to the Greater Rochester community,” said Kevin Schulte, CEO of GreenSpark Solar. “They have been loyal to us, and we feel a strong sense of loyalty in return. We believe climate change is a global issue, and GreenSpark Solar has a local solution that Rochester has embraced.”
Flying under the GreenSpark banner reinvigorates the startup mentality of the 16-year-old company.
“Our focus will continue to be on solar energy, and this independence grants us the opportunity to broaden our product offering and expand on the electrification of the Greater Rochester area,” said George McConochie, chief operating officer. “We can also take a step back and look at how we started this company, centered around employee ownership, which allows us to deepen that commitment.”
Schulte, McConochie and Ernie Pritchard, director of customer service, started the company as Sustainable Energy Developments Inc. SED got its start in wind energy, expanded its portfolio to include commercial solar energy in 2010, added residential solar energy in 2012, installed its first electric vehicle charging station in 2015 and in 2016 partnered with Vermont-based SunCommon to bring community solar to western New York.
“We will approach the market with solar, but wanted a new face and a new brand that allows us to include technologies beyond solar energy that will help grow the local economy and advance market-based solutions to climate change,” Schulte said.
The GreenSpark launch party is scheduled during the second annual RocWorthy Earth Fest from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 28 in the South Wedge on South Avenue in Rochester. The event is a free, family-friendly celebration of sustainability where attendees can learn about local initiatives they can do in their daily lives to go green, support local organizations, improve the local economy and better the air quality. RocWorthy also features local musicians, food trucks and activities for children.
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