A team of high school students from the Israel Resource Center in Rochester recently built a Rube Goldberg machine as part of a worldwide challenge, sponsored by the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, in honor of Israel’s upcoming 70th anniversary.
Students were encouraged to use out-of-the-box problem-solving skills and teamwork to build a multi-step chain reaction machine and creatively incorporate themed elements and texts into their entries.
A total of 40 teams from all over the world including Australia, Russia, South Africa and Vietnam entered the contest by submitting a video of their team’s contraption. The Rochester IRC team currently is in the top 10.
The top three teams will win prizes, with each of the first-place team members receiving a one-year full scholarship to the Technion.
The team with the most viewed video clip will win an Arduino set.
In order to be the most viewed clip, the IRC is inviting the community to share its clip with others on various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag #TechnionSchoolChallenge2018.
“We worked super hard, and we’re so proud to have gotten this far,” said Noah Spivak, team member. “Now we just need everyone’s help by viewing and sharing our video.”
Winners will be announced during the week of April 23. Visit bit.ly/2GWJmeS to view the video.