Parma Public Library, 7 West Ave., Hilton, is welcoming artist Kim Muscarella to its gallery for her April show.
“My grandmother and mother were artists,” Muscarella said. “My sister, 17 years older than I am, is an artist. These three amazing women were instrumental in inspiring me to become an artist, too.
“When I was about 3 years old, my grandmother, with incredible patience, started teaching me cutting and gluing skills. We made Easter eggs and Christmas decorations every year. Birthday and Christmas cards were always handmade. She gave me my start, and I am still going strong.
“In college, I specialized in sculpture, but I work in several mediums. In 2009, I opened an art gallery, Marti’s on Main, in Albion. Until then I did some painting, but never considered myself a painter. I opened the gallery as a place for local artists to show their work, and the wonderful work I hung every month inspired me to want to paint all the time. I still sculpt and do decoupage/collage, but I have found painting to be a fun way to express myself.
“My idea of art is simple — it should be fun, it should inspire and it should entertain not only the artist, but viewer alike. Without art in my life, I would be someone totally different. It has allowed me to be who I am and to know where I am going. I can create, and while doing so put life’s problems in perspective.“
Muscarella’s show is the 79th in a series of exhibits hosted by the library that feature area artists. Call (585) 392-8350 or visit for information.