Gates Chili High School awarded academic varsity letters to students in recognition of their academic achievements in 2018.
The award was created 21 years ago by the high school improvement team with guidelines established by a committee to set standards in honoring academic achievement consistently over time.
To be eligible, students must earn 65 quarterly grades of 95 or better throughout their high school career. Students receive a chevron for every 15 grades they receive beyond the benchmark.
The following students earned an academic varsity letter for 2018.
Juniors: Maya Charcholla, Natalie Dillon, Matthew Discavage, Kyle Lincoln, Emma Mahoney and Nayab Mesfun.
Seniors: Benjamin Bartula, Stephen Beardsley, Tony Bodulovic, Salvatore Cammilleri, Brian Cannon, Meshach Cornelius, Dylan Delconte, Michael Firnstein, Adazia Foster, Faustina Frattali, Emily Hands, Gunther Kroth, Nicoletta Lambrianidis, Anthony Lippa, Akela Lisowski, Jenna Mahns, Thomas May, Devin Mochrie, Quinlan Mulhern, Lauren Paige, Ryan Pappa, Ashley Perry, Brian Pope, Madelyn Rico, Adoniadis Savidis, Steven Scheidt, Jasmine Thomas, Kathy To and Emily Wyszomirski.
Bartula, Beardsley, Bodulovic, Cornelius, Firnstein, Hands and Pappa earned two chevrons, in addition to the academic varsity letter.
Foster, Frattali, Kroth, Mulhern and Scheidt earned one chevron, in addition to the academic varsity letter.
Cannon, Paige, Perry and Savidis earned one chevron, in addition to receiving an academic varsity letter in 2017.