Students and staff at Ivan Green Primary School had an opportunity to make a permanent impression on their school.
Everyone was asked to sign a steel beam that was going to be used in the construction of the new library.
After each class had the chance to make their mark, it was out to the construction site to see the beam head to its new home. The students went outside to watch the beam get lifted into place and secured.
The Ivan Green family has left a lasting mark on the library that will be there for generations to come.
About the tree on the beam, according to Turner Construction, there are a few theories about how that tradition started. During early steel projects of the 1930s, i.e., twin towers, many iron workers lost their lives during construction. A tree was erected to remember their loss and to symbolize new life. The tree comes from homes and building originally being timber structure. A tree branch was put in place as a sign of luck to those who live there. A tree is a symbol of growth or new life. Once a structure is topped out there is no more growth. Today the tree is a symbol of no lives lost on that project.