In March 2018, we were notified that Spectrum was upgrading its entire lineup to digital-only signal, which would be an improvement as to TV channels. The notice indicated that this was being done for the benefit of subscribers (no one asked us) and not for the purpose of getting more money from subscribers.
Each TV set would require a Spectrum digital receiver. The rental cost of receiver would be $6.99 per month, but for one year there would not be a monthly charge. I believe that most subscribers have three TVs and, therefore, you would be paying $20.97 per month after one year or $251.64 a year, even though TVs had digital receivers built in.
It is my understanding with limited research that Charter Communications-Spectrum pays about $60 per box when they purchase them, and therefore, after approximately eight months, they have their money back and from there on it is purely profit to them. The digital receivers are designed to last for many years.
Charter Communications-Spectrum refuses to give an option to subscribers to purchase said digital receivers at the cost that Spectrum pays. I have heard no local-, county-, state- or federal-elected official address this issue as a consumer’s protection matter in that cable TV prices are going sky high. I wonder if that is because of political donations made by Charter-Spectrum.
Sidney Suher