Work is set to begin after Labor Day 2019.

FAIRPORT — The lift bridge on Main Street connects the village and creates one of the main arteries for drivers.

But it's time for an upgrade here, electronically and mechanically, with the lift bridges, said Jordan Guerrein, a spokesman with the state Department of Transportation.

"This one in particular will be 105 years old by the time we close it next year," Guerrein said.

That is why the DOT is putting a $13.7 million investment into rehabilitating the Erie Canal lift bridges, here in Fairport and in the village of Spencerport, on the west side of Monroe County.

"We originally were going to tell the contractor to close after July 4, 2019, now we’re pushing it past Labor Day in 2019 so businesses and residents will be impacted for just one full summer," Guerrein said.

This will affect businesses and Fairport's annual Canal Days celebration. Instead of affecting the festival two years in a row, it will now only be impacted once.

Village leaders are working on a plan to limit the impact.

"We'll figure this out. If it will be on both sides, only one side, we'll figure it out. It will go on, it's a staple here and we’ll make it work," said Village Manager Bryan White.

Businesses will be shut off from traffic crossing the canal on this bridge.

"We've been through this before. Not as long. How it was handled by DOT and the village of Fairport, I think it went well," said Scott Donnelly, owner of Donnelly's Public House.

Donnelly believes businesses nearby should band together to use the traffic change to their advantage.

The last time the bridge was temporarily closed, he said shop and restaurant owners put up signs together and it got more people in the door.

"For our position, it changed the flow of traffic, we had a lot of people coming down Lift Bridge Lane that wouldn't normally without the bridge closed," Donnelly said.

With the bridge being closed it will cut off a main way for emergency responders to get back and forth across the canal.