North Greece Fire District recently recognized three members for their 50 years of service during its 96th annual awards banquet.
Thomas Piazza received a brass plaque honoring his 50 years with North Greece Fire Department. He currently is a volunteer firefighter and plays on the department softball team. He previously served as lieutenant, captain, fire chief and district fire commissioner.
Patricia Williams and Sheila Williams were honored for 50 years of service to North Greece Auxiliary. Auxiliary members support firefighters and the community. Three additional auxiliary members received recognition for their service: Patricia Feeney and Lisa Dugan, five years; and Debbie Grace, 35 years.
The first Chief’s Award went to Jeff Kridel for his hours and efforts as a volunteer firefighter. Chief Sam DeRosa awarded John Riola with the Firefighter of the Year Award.
Unit commendations went to two groups in recognition of their efforts during fire incidents. John Amo, Mike Castronovo, Jeff Gates and Bill Lawrence were honored for their efforts at the scene of a motor vehicle accident on Lake Ontario State Parkway with a person trapped and injured that had a positive outcome for a local high school student. Bryan Adams, Adam Ball and Andy Young were commended for their efforts at a structure fire where a firefighter became trapped in the basement.
An award for distinguished service went to David Falkner. He acted quickly and remained steadfast by his lieutenant as the floor collapsed under Dean Meyers at the scene of a house fire. Meyers received a Medal of Valor for his part in this same incident. Even though he had fallen through the floor and into the basement, he remained involved in the incident while Falkner held him up from the first floor by the straps of his self-contained breathing apparatus.
Keith Meyer received recognition earlier this year through the Gordon Mosher Award from Monroe County Volunteer Fire Police Association.
Ten district staff received recognition for their years of service in five-year increments: Thomas Chugg, Thomas Clark, Joseph Lissow and Todd Smith, 15 years; and Bryan Adams, Steve Carter, Tina Gretzinger and Jason Klein, 10 years; and Matthew Brown and Jesse Defraine, five years.