Foodlink, the Feeding America food bank that serves the Finger Lakes and Genesee Valley regions, recently pledged to improve the nutritional quality of the food it distributes and continue to encourage families to make healthier choices through a three-year commitment with Partnership for a Healthier America.
As part of its commitment, Foodlink agreed to increase the amount of nutritious food and beverage distributed by 25 percent over its base year, decrease the amount of food and beverage of minimal nutritional value by 10 percent over its base year, provide at least 50 percent of partner agencies with financial incentives to enable them to procure more nutritious food and apply at least two new wellness “nudges” in 25 percent of partner agencies or direct distribution programs.
“In recent years, Foodlink has taken significant steps to improve the nutritional quality of the food we distribute,” said Julia Tedesco, executive director of Foodlink. “We’re honored to join the Partnership for a Healthier America to continue this vital work, and we’re hopeful that by meeting these benchmarks, we’ll be another step closer to fulfilling our mission of building healthier communities across our region.”
Foodlink will join PHA’s initiative to combat food insecurity and obesity alongside prior year partners Feeding America, Capital Area Food Bank, San Antonio Food Bank, Atlanta Food Bank and Des Moines Area Religious Council. Foodlink and 10 other food banks are joining the partnership this year.
Mitch Gruber, chief program officer for Foodlink, attended the recent PHA summit in Washington, D.C.
“More than 156,000 food-insecure people in western and central New York depend on Foodlink to feed their families in times of need,” said Nancy Roman, PHA president and CEO. “America’s food banks not only fight hunger, they have the opportunity to fight hunger’s companion health problems, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes. In the 21st century, we simply cannot compound poverty with food inequity. We’re proud to partner with this vital organization to ensure food bank recipients get the nutrition they need to promote good health.”