Universal Publishing recently recognized three St. John Bosco students in its 2018 National Handwriting Contest.
Honorable mentions were awarded to Colette Pelletier, a first-grader; Noah Lazenby, a second-grader; and Isabel DiRisio, a fourth-grader.
The handwriting contest rewards students for their exceptional handwriting skills and raises awareness about the importance of handwriting instruction. As honorable mention recipients, Colette, Noah and Isabel each received a certificate of excellence.
“This is a great way to get students involved and promote excellence in handwriting — a skill used by every student, every day, in every subject. Colette, Noah, and Isabel should be proud of their achievement,” said Universal Publishing president Thomas Wasylyk when asked about the contest.
Students completed a two-part entry form in either manuscript — grades K-2 — or cursive — grades three through eight — that required writing a provided sentence and answering an open-ended question. Winners were selected from thousands of submissions by public, private and homeschool students from across the nation.
Participants were judged on their letter formation, size and spacing; word spacing; line quality; and slant. Judges also considered joinings on cursive entries.
Visit upub.net/contest for more information.