As I reported back in my inaugural report posted online on Feb. 22, I assigned myself the challenge to run every street in Greece by the end of 2018. As of the end of April, I have completed 598 streets in their entirety, which represents approximately 193 miles accomplished in 68 runs. I call them my suburban assault runs, or SARs for short.
Initially I began my runs from my house, but have since branched out to public parking lots such as grocery chains, coffee shops and the like that allow me to complete the mission more efficiently. I consider any SAR that is greater than 50 percent in completed mileage versus the total distance fairly efficient. I have occasionally had a SAR greater than 80 percent, but that was due to completing a road that I had partially run previously. It is impossible not to repeat streets in this process, so upfront planning does help. I generally carry a map with me so I know where to turn as I complete a neighborhood.
Some of my running friends have asked, “what do you think about while doing these runs?” Besides making sure that I am paying attention to where I am going, I have found it a good time to pray. As I pass residences of past and current occupants I know, I ask the Lord to bless them and meet their needs. I also contemplate some pretty trivial things like, “who maintains, if anyone, the signs and monuments erected when a new housing tract is constructed?” Some of them have “disappeared,” some are in disrepair, yet others look relatively new. Is it up to the homeowner to make the decision to maintain it or not? The other observation I have made in my travels is that there are a number of private drives in the town. Is it up to the homeowners on that road to make it so, and do they have to petition the town to designate it as such?
As mentioned previously, I am approaching 600 streets completed, which represents approximately 200 miles. April has been my best month so far with nearly 65 miles and 173 streets completed. I have been meticulous keeping records in a spreadsheet and using MapMyRun to measure the official distances accomplished as I complete streets.
As I stated in my first installment, my purpose in creating this column is to possibly motivate others to do something similar — perhaps not an entire town, but maybe a 2- or 3-mile block of roads near your home. Keep running, my friends.