May is Poppy Month. American citizens wear this memorial poppy as a reminder of the meaning of Memorial Day. For over 90 years, this scarlet flower has symbolized the sacrifice of life that millions of servicemen and women made to keep our nation free.
American Legion Auxiliary members throughout the county are distributing these poppies during the month of May for Memorial Day, a time that our country has set aside to remember and honor these fallen military troops.
During World War I, poppies unexpectedly bloomed on the scarred battlefields of Flanders Fields. Their brilliant red, like the blood shed there, is a symbol of hope and a perpetual memorial to the courage displayed there and around the globe.
Our poppies are handmade by veterans from both the Bath and Canandaigua VA medical centers. All donations are used to assist and rehabilitate veterans. Your generous support of this program enables American Legion Auxiliary units to fund many local veterans programs at the Richards House, Eagle Star Home, Veterans Outreach Center, Rochester Outpatient Center, Veterans Court and VA hospitals.
Poppies are distributed for donations. Please be generous and thank you for caring. Wear your poppy proudly!
Carolyn Emerson
Monroe County American Legion Auxiliary