There was an article in last week’s Democrat & Chronicle newspaper that mentions one of the hot areas in Monroe County is the town of Webster. The article sites that home sales were up 6.5 % and the median price increase went up 6.3 percent from $182,500 to $194,000.
Last year, the town of Webster issued 104 new single family home building permits with a permit valuation of just over $20 million. Many people would say, “Wow! How come my taxes aren’t going down with that amount of growth and assessment value?” The simple fact is that $20 million only nets the town of Webster $100,000 in new taxes which does not cover the cost and benefits of one new police officer. With the town’s tax rate being so low, the town does not gain a lot of tax dollars on each new home in Webster.
In 2017, the town of Webster issued 91 permits for new decks, 89 permits for new fences, four permits for detached garages, 21 permits for gas fireplace or inserts and 155 permits for generators in residential areas. In the summer time we had 33 permits for above ground pools and 29 permits for pools in ground. There were 122 permits issued for new roofs, and 56 permits for renovations in the town.
As you can see this is only a portion of the permits the Building Department gives out in any one year. However, this also shows the residents how busy Webster continues to be in the way of new construction and renovations.
It never ceases to amaze me...
Last week, 30,000 Webster residents were eligible to vote in the Webster Central School District vote and that was not counting the residents from Penfield in the WCSD. Only 2,800 residents decided it was worth the time to either vote on the budget or to vote for the four candidates running for office of School Board that will guide the school budget in the coming years. Personally, I find this just deplorable.
Last November, when I ran for re-election, over 12,700 town residents came out to vote. Residents showed a real interest in who was going to lead the town and the low tax rate of $5.10 for the next two years. However, when it comes to voting on the WCSD budget that has the biggest impact on your household budget — $24.91, the majority of Webster residents stayed home.
I understand that many feel that the school budget is, “for the kids”, but if you did not vote it should go to reason that 27,200 residents just lost the right to complain about high taxes in Webster. In my opinion, if you could not do a simple task as vote, you should not complain.
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