Students in career and financial management courses at Hilton High School recently spent two days immersed in a hands-on credit simulation with financial experts from Summit Federal Credit Union.
Developed by Credit Union National Association, Mad City Money gives students the opportunity to hone in on their newly learned financial skills by getting a taste of the real world they will face when they take on the adult roles of a worker, citizen and consumer.
Students were charged with selecting housing, transportation, food, household necessities, clothing, day care and other wants and needs, while creating and following a realistic budget. They had to make payments on debts that they owed while deciding how much to save.
The simulation provides real-life scenarios that bridge the connection among financial decisions that adults face, the economic consequences of those decisions and the link between the level of education in relationship to lifelong earning potential.
“It’s a great way to bring real-world finance into the classroom to reinforce the concepts that we’ve learned in class,” said Theresa Jasen, business teacher.
Tina Longwell, senior business relations specialist; Cynthia Kolko, communications and public relations specialist; Robert Neabel, senior business relations manager; and Emily Vannorman, senior member services specialist, were on-hand to work with students as they worked through their budgets.