Legacy at Maiden Park, 749 Maiden Lane, Rochester, will welcome its newest residents when Seneca Park Zoo installs a butterfly garden on its property at 10 a.m. on June 6.
Dave Will, lead zoo naturalist for citizen science from the programming and conservation team at Seneca Park Zoo Society, will work on the installation. He will offer a brief presentation so residents can follow the hourlong process as he plants the garden and understand the steps involved in the project.
“Butterflies offer a boost for the environment, and our residents will enjoy nurturing and caring for this new garden,” said Liz Richardson, executive director of Legacy at Maiden Park. “We are looking forward to the Seneca Park Zoo team sharing their time and talent with our community in June — it makes for an engaging morning.”
The butterfly garden will go in an existing area of landscaping, maximizing use of the surroundings. Seneca Park Zoo Society will bring 20-30 pollinator plants that are native to western New York and hand-selected for their use by pollinators as shelter, food and host plants.
Attracting butterflies at every stage of development, the garden will likely draw a group of butterflies — referred to as a kaleidoscope — to the retirement community as regular visitors.
“Just as we have our favorite places and cuisine, so do butterflies at every stage of their development,” said Tom Snyder, director of programming and conservation action at Seneca Park Zoo Society. “Introducing a butterfly garden to the Legacy at Maiden helps strengthen the ecosystem, and I am delighted that this community supports such a vital effort. It is an enriching experience to maintain the garden once it is installed, knowing that the time invested beautifies the surroundings and benefits the butterflies and other pollinators.”