The Irondequoit Art Club exhibit opened April 12 with a party and awards presentation.
Best of Show honors went to John Ciminelli for his mixed-media seascape, “Berg.” This mixed-media piece depicts an iceberg centered in a foreground of hypnotic-blue sea. The artist’s intent was to show that a surface may be only a portion of what lies deep within. He was inspired by the movie, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” directed by Wes Anderson, in which the focal points were always in the center of the movie frames. For most of the work, Ciminelli used spray paint. The kayak figure was made using a toothpick and credit card. He used a sawzall blade to create texture on the iceberg. The lines were formed using an old license plate. To achieve the desired outcome, the paints had to be applied in a specific sequence. Other details and negative space were added using self-made stencils.
Award-winners for this show were selected by judges, Mary Coy and Franzie Weldgen, professional artists and teachers. Coy has 20 years experience in the field of art education. She spent eight years as contributing editor for School Arts Magazine and has over 30 articles on student learning. She also worked in the field of advertising and public relations. Weldgen is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a focus in lithography. He received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona in painting and printmaking. He taught at UA and Monroe Community College where he is an associate professor of art. He serves on the Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Project; and his work has been exhibited nationwide at major museums including a permanent collection at the Smithsonian.
Irondequoit Town Supervisor David Seeley and Spring Show co-Chair Jane Adams spoke at the opening and presented the awards. Marlene Canavan was the show’s other co-chair. Juror’s Awards went to Michele Barnard, “Cat of Many Colors”; Diane Bosco, oil, “Beacon”; Jan Ferry-Axman, photograph, “Frozen Wonder”; Nancy Jo Gambacurta, acrylic, “Big Hair #1”; Barbara Green, acrylic, “Birches”; John Lenhard, acrylics, “Cat’s Cradle” and “A Day in Paris”; Jeanette Musliner, watercolor, “Rain in Lucca, Italy” and acrylic, “Red,Yellow & Blue Challenge”; Mary Emmi Pallone, watercolor, “Simplicity”; David Pell, “Runaway”; Jeannette Profeta, “Opal Evening on the Bay” and “Ruby Splendor”; Sheila, “S.A.M.” Shrestha, dyed-silk, “Set Free”; and Judy Travis, oil, “Spring Wings.”
Merit awards were presented to Jane Adams, photograph, “Pemaquid Point”; Michele Barnard, mixed media, “Dancing Metallics”; John Ciminelli, “Bell Rock”; Jeanette Ferretti-Wojtas, acrylic, “A Cardinal Convention”; Jan Ferry-Axman, photograph, “Lovely Day”; Patrick McCaffery, acrylic, “Dark Woods”; Barbara Montione, watercolor, “Spring”; Gwen Ostrom, mixed media, “Great Blue Heron Fishing”; Terry Patti, acrylic, “Spring Trilliums”; Irma Pylyshenko, fiber art, “Lifespan A”; and Sally Steinwachs, “Hello Sunshine” and “Cat on Rya.”