I was recently asked to consider being a third-party candidate for U.S. Congress. The seat had been held for a long time by my congresswoman, Louise Slaughter. Very sadly, she passed away suddenly after suffering a fall in her home.
It has always been my dream to run for Congress one day. I would especially like to make the case for a Canadian-style national health insurance program to cover all Americans. However, I declined the offer to be the candidate of this third party. Here’s why.
Louise Slaughter had been good friends for about 40 years with a local officeholder. He had just announced his candidacy to succeed Louise. I believe that no one should run against Louise’s friend as a way to honor what Louise would have wanted. So, I declined the offer.
I did not write this letter to promote myself. I did it because I want people to share my hope that someday we will have political candidates who will want to do the unselfish thing. Right now, we all know that we have very few who do.
Incidentally, I have now begun my campaign volunteer work for Louise’s good friend as he faces three challengers in a June primary election.
Stewart Epstein