The New York Senate overrode Governor Andrew Cuomo's veto of legislation expanding full-day kindergarten opportunities to school districts that currently only offer half-day kindergarten programs.

The legislation which was vetoed in April will provide additional funding to school districts with half-day programs so they can transition into full-day programs.

Senate Majority Leader John J. Flanagan said, “The Senate took this extraordinary step today to demonstrate that the well-being of all of New York’s students is paramount to politics. The Governor’s veto would further delay the ability of children in school districts without full-day kindergarten to have the same opportunities as in other parts of the state. We need to ensure every kid is given the tools they need for early childhood development and give them the best foundation possible for future success. We thank the Governor for sending his Lieutenant Governor to preside over this historic override.”

There are five districts in the state that currently don’t offer full-day kindergarten programs – Shenendehowa, Brighton, Pittsford, Washingtonville, and North Rockland.