Penfield High School seniors recently were honored at the Senior Honors Convocation.
The President’s Award for Academic Excellence recipients are Charles Barton, Margaret Bassney, Mary Brophy, Sarah Chen, Danielle Freezee, Cameron Guage, Claire Guo, Abigail Guyon, Emma Hart, Thalia Irwin, Joanna Jin, Madison Kelly, Zachary Leinenbach, Hannah Lewis, Alexandro Lugo, Timothy Nichols, Elizabeth Russell, Cameron Sprague, Rachel Stein, Morgan Stewart, Daniel Taddeo, Allison Thoen, Kayla Turk, Elizabeth Wang and Kyra Wensely.
National Merit Commended Scholars are Dana Bulger, Sarah Chen, Andrew Fabrizi, Thalia Irwin, Rachel Peterson, Rachel Stein, Rachel Wells, Katherine Yates and Elizabeth Yorko.
National Merit Award semifinalists are Cameron Guage, Emma Hart, Hannah Lewis and Kayla Turk.
The National Merit University of Southern California Scholarship recipient is Hannah Lewis. The National Merit Scholarship recipient is Cameron Guage. The New York State Comptroller Award recipient is Allison Darrer. New York State Scholarship for Academic Excellence recipients are Sarah Chen, Cameron Guage, Claire Guo, Emma Hart, Thalia Irwin, Madison Kelly, Hannah Lewis, Allison Thoen and Elizabeth Wang.
Women’s Council Young Women of Distinction Award Finalists are Sarah Hancock and Joanna Jin. The Monroe County Young Citizen of the Year Award recipients are Kelsey Cormack, Andrew Ebersol, Jaelyn Green, Jenna Maurer, Halle Rogoff, Morgan Stewart, Natalie Szmigel, Daniel Taddeo and Makaila Wilson.
The Monroe County Executive’s Community Award recipients are Elizabeth Alvut and Andrew Ebersol. The Monroe County Superintendents’ Outstanding Senior Award recipient is Cameron Guage. The Alexander Millener Good Citizenship Award — Sons of the American Revolution — recipient is Garrett Nolte.
The Urban League of Rochester Black Scholars Award was awarded to Jada Atwood, Jaelyn Green, Tabonnie Nesmith, Isaiah Preston, Alyssa Todd, Jordin Watson, Brenna Wilcox and Makaila Wilson. The Urban Suburban Principals’ Award was awarded to Tabonnie Nesmith. The Urban Suburban Scholarship Award was awarded to Tabonnie Nesmith.
Wegmans Corporation Scholarship winners are Josephine Carreira, David Catalfo, Tessa Rossi, Moira Stapleton, Ethan Suong and Josiah Tasdeler. The Cobbles Character Scholarship Award winner is Anna Baumer. The Harris Hill Walk the Talk Scholarship Award winner is Logan Savitcheff. The Indian Landing Elementary Partners in Learning Award winner is Riley Olsen.
The Scribner Road Kids Who Care Scholarship Award winner is Shannon Sedita. The Bay Trail Take Care Scholarship Award winners are Claire Guo and Tessa Rossi. The PHS Achievement Award winners are Connor Chans, Lydia Cross, Thomas Faticone, Oleh Kost, John R. Marshall IV, Serey Morton and Julia Palma.
The PHS Parent-Teacher-Student Association Award winners are Benjamin Kearns, John R. Marshall IV, Rachel Peterson and Katherine Yates. The Penfield Education Association Award winner is Lydia Cross. The Patriot Award winner is Frederick Finter and Cameron MacKenzie.
The Penfield Pride Award winners are Lauren Brewer, Bo Shuo Chen, Allison Darrer, Frederick Finter, Jaelyn Green, Ethan Howes, Joanna Jin, Benjamin Kearns, Alaena Loiacono, Natalie Merriman, Rachel Peterson, Dan Taddeo and Hannah Vanderbilt.
The Senior Award winner is Kristin Simon. Jenny’s Scholarship was awarded to Natalie Merriman. The Jonathan Ozimek Memorial Award winner is Anna Baumer. Karen Grant Memorial Scholarship recipients are Lydia Cross and John R Marshall IV.
The Don Mack Memorial Award winner is Elizabeth Russell. The Michael Sproule Student Athlete Award winners are Laina Brozost and Andrew Stoler. The Sharon Stoler Memorial Award winner is Daniel Taddeo. The Albert E. Beguin Memorial Award winner is Jenna Maurer. The Chhim, Him, and Sok Global Citizen Scholarship recipient is Mirza Mesic.
The Dr. Terry Cashmore Pre-Med Scholarship recipient is Madison Kelly. The William Kern Memorial Award winner is Joshua MacKecknie. The Mary H. Lloyd Memorial Award winner is Olivia Segal. The Virginia Urckfitz Award winner is Jaelyn Green. The John Vella Memorial Award winner is Cameron Guage.
The Penfield Education Foundation Award winners are Jordan Egger, Thomas Faticone, Grace Hossler, Ethan Howes, Hannah Lewis, Ella Spencer and Tse-Huey Yeh. The Benjamin D. Schnaufer Art Scholarship recipient is Hannah Pulinski. The Penfield Art Association Award winner is Rachel Wells. The Outstanding Business Achievement Award winners are Thomas Dangler, Ryan Lajoie, William Lyons, John R. Marshall IV, Emily Shortino and Daniel Taddeo.
The Excellence in English Award winners are Cameron Guage, Emma Hart and Logan Savitcheff. The Outstanding English Award winners are Kathleen D’Alfonso, Angela Morton and Mira Phillips. The Maya Angelou Award winners are Anna Givens and Jenna Maurer. The Sally Teeter Award winner is Katherine Yates. The French SUPA Award winner is Madison Kelly.
The PHS Senior Research Scholar Prize winners are Hannah Garcia and Rachel Stein. The Linda Zschoche Award for Math Excellence as a Senior winners are Jada Atwood and Emma Hart. Caitlin Parasch was named Future Math Teacher of the Year. Madison Kelly was named Outstanding AP Biology Student. The Richard H. Gibbons Book Award winner is Jacob Kemp-Schneider. The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New York Educational Award winner is Hannah Garcia. The University of Rochester — Dexter Perkins Prize winner is Timothy Nichols.
The Veterans of Foreign Wars Excellence in American History winner is Cameron Guage
The Project Lead the Way Award winners are Christopher Andersen, Jack Anton, Anthony Bartucca, Henry Bernat, Ryan Bridgeman, Laina Brozost, Dana Bulger, Andrew Ebersol, Andrew Fabrizi, Gregory Faklaris, Frederick Finter, Sara Hancock, Emma Hart, Timothy Hartnett, Jake Heidman, Ethan Howes, Ethan Husband, Alexander Hutter, Cameron Irland, Adam Johnson, Austin Jones, Benjamin Kearns, Jacob Kemp-Schneider, Jared Klatt, Aaron Kurtz, Calvin Morrison, Mia Petrone, Jordan Sayegh, Zachary Smith, Casey Stubblebine, Ethan Suong and Elizabeth Wang.