Twelve Corners Middle School celebrated being re-designated as a New York State Essential Elements: School to Watch with a special assembly June 1.
Students, staff, Brighton Central School District leaders and local government officials gathered in the auditorium to recognize the school’s excellence.
The award is given out every three years after an application process and school visit. This is the fifth consecutive time the middle school has been selected for this honor. Schools to Watch embody the intersection of academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, social equity and organizational structure.
Principal Rob Thomas and the school’s student council leaders Lekhana Guttula, Maya Seltzer-Clinton, Josie Hastings and Ben Kazel accepted the new banner from Joel Weiss, director of the Schools to Watch program.
“It’s because of the students at the school that we get recognized,” said Thomas. “We have great teachers and we have great support all around us in the community with parents, administrators, the Board of Education and so on. But it’s because of the work that you do, your dedication to your studies, and your compassion toward your peers that make this school so great. You know how important it is to work hard, but the way you treat each other every day and help your friends get through problems big and small is a true test of your character and an even more important measure of success. You may not remember a grade or a test score, but you will remember your friends and teachers who made a difference in your life.”
Monroe County Legislator Justin Wilcox; State Sen. Joe Robach, R-Greece; Superintendent Dr. Kevin McGowan; and Board of Education President Mark Kokanovich each had the opportunity to address the students and teachers.
“A school is a building, it is bricks, it is plaster, it is mortar, it is the desks you sit in. That’s fine, it’s a building,” said McGowan. “But a school community like yours is only what it is and as excellent as it is when it has people like you as students and people like the staff members that are working with you. That’s a pretty special place that you’re able to attend every day and when it’s being recognized as one of the best in the state, one of the best in the nation and one that everybody else would like to be like, that’s what a School to Watch is.”
The Twelve Corners Middle School Jazz Ensemble performed before and after the ceremony, the TCMS Show Choir sang the national anthem, and a string ensemble performed at the reception prior to the event.