A solar array was installed on the south side of Brighton High School on May 14.
The array was made possible because of a gift from the Brighton Rotary Club and approved by residents as part of the 2017-18 capital budget. Rotary made a $15,935 gift to the district, which was applied toward the installation of the solar array and purchase of instructional equipment to be used in the laboratory.
A large-screen display inside the biology lab will enable students to track outdoor conditions affecting solar insolation, solar-photovoltaic electricity production and electrical usage within the room. The display will enable them to see the effects of their classroom activities in real time. This information will also be available elsewhere in the building and community through the internet.
The existing biology lab is utilized nearly every period of the day for living environment, Advanced Placement biology and AP environmental science classes. The three courses routinely examine human environmental impacts, sustainability and renewable energy resources. Courses elsewhere in the high school such as earth science and energy and sustainability will also be able to utilize the technology.