On Tuesday, June 19, town of Chili voters can approve a bonding resolution that will allow for the construction of a new community center complex. The proposed complex will include a brand-new community center, senior center and town library.
The time is now to strike upon this opportunity for the future of the town. The current town community center is housed in a nearly 90-year-old building with a small gymnasium and a few small classrooms and offices. While the town’s recreation department does a great job with the space allotted, town programs often have a restrictive attendance cap or must be jettisoned to other locations due to lack of space. Our senior center is a nearly 50-year-old building that is also not adequately sized for the 638 programs for nearly 1,600 rostered seniors who use the facility. The current community center and senior center are also in need of nearly $3 million for repairs for basic fixes for boilers, roofs and windows. The town library, already 20 years old, would benefit from a redesign and additional meeting space.
The proposal for a 97,000 square foot complex is a chance to bring the community together. Town residents will be able to engage in healthy activities year-round with an indoor walking track. Town groups will have multipurpose rooms for meetings. The community will have a place to come together as one. With town debt currently low, the issuance would cause very limited increased taxation. An average $170,000 property would only see an increase of $19 in yearly town taxes.
The voters of Chili have an opportunity to help create something our town can be proud of on June 19. Be sure to vote.
Jason Marsherall
North Chili