On my shelf sit three notebooks, testimonials to the sun rising daily during the reflections called years.
One night a week, when all was quiet and the darkness cool, I laid these books side by side on a desk. Opening each to early June, I read of spring in different years.
What struck me was that nature is ever changing, yet ever constant.
Ten years ago, my husband was battling a rare form of cancer. A decade later he is gone. I have had my experience of grief, and now after reading my decade-old notebook I realize how much I have had to forge ahead and be the strength of our family.
Should I feel sad, betrayed, abandoned due to his departure? Should I yearn for a paradise lost?
I should not, because now my emerging life at soon-to-be 77 years young grows only upward. Despite life’s everyday challenges, I am ever constant and ever changing.
Remember for today I have everything I need. My notebooks teach me this every fifth time the earth skirts the sun.
Donna Turner